So who ARE the NIPs, really?

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    We are a group of friends that get together weekly for a potluck dinner and music jam session. Our sessions are informal, and are often conducted in a spontaneous round-robin manner in which everyone gets roughly the same chance to choose a tune or share a song. Absolute beginners are as welcome and as supported as those with years and years of experience.

    Much of the music played at NIPs sessions draws on a vast body of traditional American dance music which stretches back centuries but is still actively growing due to the continuing popularity of contra dancing. But that's not all you might hear at a NIPs session--at any time, someone might share a traditional song or launch into an oldie but goodie from the '50s (or the '30s!) In any case, the emphasis is on acceptance and enjoyment.

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     When part or all of the group actually does perform in public, nervousness notwithstanding, we use the name "Parsnips", to avoid discouraging prospective NIPs who might expect an actual band to be choosy about newcomers. In fact, whoever's on the stage when a given gig's in progress is by definition a Parsnip. That could be you!  If you'd like to sit in please call us at (802) 291-3721 or contact us by email (at so we can find out what tunes we have in common, etc.

     What kind of gigs do the Parsnips get? Over the course of NIPs history, they have been the band for a couple of long-running series of regular monthly dances. We currently play a very popular monthly dance series in Peacham, VT, generally on a Sunday evening. We also get many requests to provide music for special community events, fundraisers, and private events such as weddings.

    For anyone interested in having the Parsnips play, please note that our caller can provide dances to suit every age group and level of skill. Even those who have never danced before can count on having a rollicking good time, making friends with those you may meet, and hearing great live traditional contra dance music. For more information, please contact Kenric Kite at (802) 223-4877 or by email at