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List of Regular Dances by State, courtesy of The Dance Gypsy

Western Massachusetts
Montreal Area
New Hampshire
Northeastern New York

For more information or a free sample copy of the Dance Gypsy Calendar, e-mail them at dancegypsy@dancegypsy.com. Please include your postal address.

http://www.riseupjack.com -- Rise Up Jack invites old friends and new to enjoy our CD/Cassette. Our three-part harmony, with beautiful acoustic accompaniment, presents songs of the seasons, love, farming, logging, and the sea.

JC's ABC Tune Finder

Search for sheet music and find out just how many Ladies of the Lake there really are! Tim Jennings writes: "type in a title, and get access to many versions of tunes of that title. (When I) click on the "midi" link next to a version, ...my computer plays a robot rendition of the tune. Great for getting started, when you forget how it goes and don't read."

Woodbury Strings
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